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Background History

Materials Industrial Research and Technology Centre, with the distinctive title MIRTEC S.A. (EBETAM in Greek) is a result of the merger of former MIRTEC S.A., CERECO S.A and CLOTEFI S.A..

The provisions of laws 4002/2011 and 4038/2012 that refer to this merging, incorporate in practice a public organization with the title MIRTEC S.A., the Certification Service and the Laboratories of ELOT, MIRTEC, CERECO and CLOTEFI. Since the unified company incorporates all the activities carried out for certification and laboratory testing of ELOT, ELOT becomes also a main shareholder of the company. Main shareholder of MIRTEC SA is the State along with 30 major Greek companies.

The unified MIRTEC is the now the National Accredited Certification Body and Testing laboratory which gathers a vast field of services, processes and systems, and has the most advanced laboratory infrastructure in Greece with 17 own sectoral accredited laboratories, which fully meet the requirements of testing, inspections and certification of products.

Headquarters of MIRTEC SA is in Volos, while has branches and offices in other several locations in Greece (Athens, Thessaloniki, Volos, Thiva), in China (Shanghai) as well as a wide network of experienced associates that cover neighbouring countries (Turkey, Cyprus, and Romania).

Distinctive title «MIRTEC S.A.» and full name «Materials Industrial Research and Technology Center S.A.» is used in all international activities.